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Belgium asks for solidarity to prevent electricity blackouts

9 dec

As Belgium struggles to keep the lights on this winter, even the penguins and sea-lions will be doing their bit to help. Read more at EUobserver.

Why are climate-conscious Europeans gathering in Lima?

3 dec

What do European commissioner Miguel Arias Canete, Dutch member of the EU parliament Gerben-Jan Gerbrandy, and – possibly – British actress Emma Watson have in common? Read more at EUobserver.

EU is ‘aged and weary’, pope says

25 nov

In a highly anticipated speech attended by almost all members of the European Parliament, pope Francis on Tuesday (25 November) criticised the EU’s treatment of migrants, its institutions, and its focus on growth and consumerism. Read more at EUobserver.

Who is Frans Timmermans?

11 nov

Frans Timmermans could become the most powerful EU official in Brussels. Who is he? Read more at EUobserver.

EU leaders reach 2030 deal on climate and energy

24 okt

EU leaders agreed a new climate and energy deal for the next decade and a half in Brussels at around 1am local time on Friday (24 October). Read more at EUobserver.

Open letters help frame debate on climate summit

22 okt

EU leaders have been receiving quite a number of letters this past month as an important climate summit approaches. Read more at EUobserver.

Debate on nuclear energy rekindles in parts of Europe

13 okt

The role of nuclear energy has returned to the centre of the political debate in various corners of Europe. Read more at EUobserver.


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