Peter Teffer is a freelance investigative journalist, photographer and political scientist from The Netherlands.

  • From 2014 to August 2019,  he was part of the editorial team of newswebsite EUobserver, covering European Union energy, environment, climate, transport, food, digital single market, and agriculture policies. EUobserver published over 1,300 of his articles.
  • In September 2017, Dutch publishing house Q (now called Volt) published Peter’s book Dieselgate: Hoe de industrie sjoemelde en Europa faalde (Dieselgate: How the industry cheated and Europe failed). The book is a result of a year-long investigation into the regulatory side of the diesel emissions scandal. In 2016, the author was the only journalist who followed nearly all 47 hearings of the European Parliament’s Dieselgate inquiry committee in Brussels. The book is currently only available in Dutch, but if you are interested in acquiring the foreign rights, please contact Singel Publishers, the parent company which owns Volt.
  • Before 2014, Peter was the Netherlands correspondent for the Christian Science Monitor . He has written several articles for the International Herald Tribune (the New York Times‘ global edition) and was a regular contributor to Deutsche Welle and Free Speech Radio News.
  • He also also written stories for Dutch media about digital affairs, politics, and pop culture (mostly superhero comics).

Peter is available for assignments from English language media.

If you wish to contact Peter, you can use this form or add Peter to your Linkedin network.

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