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The price of free information in Nigeria

Idris Akinbajo is a 30 year-old Nigerian journalist. In November, he won the African Investigative Reporter of the Year Award for an investigative piece into corruption in the Nigerian oil industry, printed in NEXT, a newspaper. NEXT, the paper which published his award-winning feature, is not available in print anymore. Low funds have forced the closure, but the online version,, remains.

“I have had to leave NEXT, the newspaper I worked for, because they couldn’t afford to pay salaries”, he explained. On the sidelines of a talk in Holland he was giving on the powers of investigative journalism, he took a moment to discuss press freedom in one of Africa’s most dangerous reporting environments with the Doha Centre for Media Freedom. Doorgaan met lezen “The price of free information in Nigeria”

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How did Twitter change political journalism in the Netherlands?

In the Netherlands, Twitter has become part of the public political debate. How do journalists in the Hague, where the Dutch parliament and government are seated, use social media? What effect does Twitter have on political journalism? Read my story for the Doha Centre for Media Freedom here: Twitter vs Tradition in the Netherlands.