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4 Apr

Voor de website van instituut Clingendael schreef ik twee artikelen naar aanleiding van het referendum over het EU-Oekraïne associatieakkoord.

In het Europees Parlement stemde 77 procent vóór

Rusland is handelspartner nr. 1 voor Oekraïne

Interview with William Binney, whistleblower

11 Mrt

Bill Binney had tried to make the National Security Agency adopt a surveillance programme that respected privacy. After leaving the agency disillusioned, he became a public and vocal critic of his former employer. The math genius says the NSA has a ‘data hoarding disorder’. ‘We were subverting our democracy. I couldn’t be a part of that.’

Read the interview on the Movies that Matter website.

Local elections to test Merkel on refugees

9 Mrt

Three German states will hold elections on Sunday. Regional themes are overshadowed by the refugee crisis, and a breakthrough for anti-immigration party AfD looms.

Continue reading at EUobserver.

Phil Hogan: weinig geld voor agrarische sector

8 Mrt

EU-lidstaten hebben de afgelopen maand ruim honderd ideeën geopperd om de Europese landbouwsector er weer bovenop te helpen, zei eurocommissaris Phil Hogan maandag in het Europees Parlement in Straatsburg. Maar Hogan benadrukte dat zijn financiële en wettelijke middelen beperkt zijn.

Lees verder op Nieuwe Oogst.

Jaaroverzicht 2015

1 Jan

Gelukkig nieuwjaar! Nog even terugkijken op 2015 in mijn derde jaaroverzicht van mijn eenmansbedrijf, en dan weer aan de slag voor een journalistiek interessant 2016! Lees of download het Jaaroverzicht 2015 als pdf-bestand of klik op het plaatje hieronder.

UK’s first comics professor shows long road ahead for recognition of comics as art form

14 Dec
While many professors feature in comics, there are few comics professors in real life.

While many professors feature in comics, there are few comics professors in real life.

Could one imagine the Independent writing a news report under the headline “University offers doctorate in filmmaking”? Or the Telegraph writing: “Picasso expert becomes professor of painting”?

Probably not, I assume because the country already has such educational opportunities and professors available. It would most likely not qualify as news. However, many readers probably did not question the editorial choice by the papers to publish reports about Lancaster University’s appointment of Benoit Peeters as “the UK’s first visiting professor of graphic fiction and comic art”, last November.

Think about that. Lees verder

EU and 195 countries adopt Paris climate accord

12 Dec

For the first time in the history of mankind, the world’s countries, on Saturday evening (12 December) in Paris, committed to fighting climate change by adopting a fully global climate treaty. After two weeks of talks in a conference centre in a suburb of the French capital, French foreign minister Laurent Fabius asked the plenary session of the United Nations climate conference if it wished to adopt the Paris Agreement.

Continue reading at EUobserver.


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