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6 Nov

Since April, I have been carrying out an investigation for EUobserver about Dieselgate. I have followed all hearings by the special inquiry committee of the European Parliament, and wrote a range of investigative articles. You can find most of them at or see a selection below:

On-road emissions tests: How EU failed to change to the fast lane

One year on: Dieselgate keeps getting bigger

How the car industry won the EU’s trust

How carmakers were allowed to bend the law

Dieselgate shows weakness of EU federalism-lite

Car makers caught out on dodgy EU claim

Leaked memo: EU commissioner ignored car emissions warnings

Verheugen went off-script in VW cheat testimony

EU encouraged car industry to cheat, French report says

EU governments duck responsibility on dieselgate

Emissions cheats face tiny fines in some EU states

Local elections to test Merkel on refugees

9 Mrt

Three German states will hold elections on Sunday. Regional themes are overshadowed by the refugee crisis, and a breakthrough for anti-immigration party AfD looms.

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EU and 195 countries adopt Paris climate accord

12 Dec

For the first time in the history of mankind, the world’s countries, on Saturday evening (12 December) in Paris, committed to fighting climate change by adopting a fully global climate treaty. After two weeks of talks in a conference centre in a suburb of the French capital, French foreign minister Laurent Fabius asked the plenary session of the United Nations climate conference if it wished to adopt the Paris Agreement.

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Will EU renew $1.25bn deal with tobacco firm PMI?

5 Dec

A ‘landmark’ agreement with tobacco company PMI was supposed to bring down cigarette smuggling. But it is very difficult to estimate the success of the deal, which is up for renewal in 2016.

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EP sticks to compromise rules on roaming and net neutrality

27 Okt

The European Parliament on Tuesday (27 October) decided to stick with a compromise deal on roaming surcharges and Internet rules, giving it final approval, rather than risk reopening lengthy negotiations by adopting changes to the proposed legislation.

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Wanted: Dutch backyards to build wind turbines

23 Jul

EU member state are obliged to increase their renewable energy reliance. But the construction of wind turbines near residential areas in the Netherlands is being met with fierce resistance. Read more at EUobserver.

EU court to classify Uber: taxi or information company?

20 Jul

A Spanish judge has asked the Court of Justice of the European Union to determine if Uber is a taxi company or an information service, and if a ban of its app was legal. Read more at EUobserver.