France opposed guidelines on EU presidency sponsorships

France, Spain, and the Czech Republic refused to endorse a draft letter from the Council of the EU to the European Ombudsman on the controversial issue of sponsored council presidencies, a confidential document I wrote about for EUobserver revealed. Read the article here.


Onderzoek naar CO2-opslag in EU

Het is een essentieel onderdeel van het behalen van klimaatdoelen, volgens wetenschappers en energieagentschappen. Maar in de praktijk is er in de Europese Unie nog niet veel terecht gekomen van CO2-opslag, oftewel carbon capture and storage (CCS). De afgelopen maanden heb ik verschillende onderzoeksartikelen geschreven voor EUobserver over het uitblijven van commerciële toepassingen van CCS in de EU. Doorgaan met lezen “Onderzoek naar CO2-opslag in EU”


Useful websites for journalists covering the EU

Journalism in 1985. Photo © European Parliament.

I recently met with some students following the Europe in the World programme at the Utrecht School of Journalism. They wanted to know more about the investigation I did into the Dieselgate scandal, so I gave them some tips on how to do investigative journalism. I also prepared a document with some useful websites and how to use them, and there is not really a reason not to share this with the wider world. So if you are covering the EU, or even if you are covering local or national politics in Europe, some of the following websites may be relevant. They may be old news to the regular Brussels gang, but there may be some gems that make your life easier. First two larger sections, about 1) how to file freedom of information requests and 2) how the lifecycle of EU legislation works, followed by some specific websites

Doorgaan met lezen “Useful websites for journalists covering the EU”


Klimaattop Bonn

Over de VN-klimaatconferentie in Bonn heb ik verschillende artikelen geschreven voor EUobserver:

US may cause ‘distraction’ at Bonn climate talks

EIB silent on report into ‘fraudulent’ VW loan

Plea for radical change outside Bonn climate talks venue

EU needs emissions deal to avoid ‘shame in Bonn’

Germany and France defend emissions trading deal

Meat ‘taboo’ debated at Bonn climate summit

Optimism in Bonn about fusion reactor, despite Brexit