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De artikelen die ik voor EUobserver schrijf, verschijnen normaal gezien alleen online. Drie keer per jaar publiceert het Brusselse nieuwsmedium echter ook een gedrukt tijdschrift en sinds dit jaar voer ik de redactionele coördinatie daarvan uit. Voor de zomer verscheen het Business in Europe magazine van EUobserver, met als thema de deeleconomie. Het is online te lezen en als pdf te downloaden. Afgelopen maand verscheen het jaarlijkse Regions & Cities magazine. Het thema deze keer was de strijd om de twee EU-agentschappen die binnenkort Londen moeten verlaten. Dat was een goede aanleiding om eens te kijken naar het systeem van gedecentraliseerde agentschappen, verspreid over het continent. Dat magazine is hier te lezen.


Dutch elections

The past month I have published several articles for EUobserver about the Dutch elections, which will be held tomorrow (15 March). Here is a selection:

A guide to Dutch elections: how the system works

Dutch election: EU’s most unpredictable vote

Dutch election: Christian Democrat would bin Ukraine treaty

Dutch MPs look set to approve Ukraine treaty

Nexit could pop up in Dutch election campaign

Dutch choose late election result to avoid hacking risk

Dutch MP candidates promise not to do their job

Dutch anti-establishment MPs want other EU, but lack plans

Green ex-MEP: Tell Dutch full sovereignty isn’t coming back

Populism is ‘nothing new’, says Rotterdam mayor

Dutch parties woo older voters

Turkish-Dutch row takes over election campaign

Rutte and Wilders clash on EU ahead of Dutch vote



Since April, I have been carrying out an investigation for EUobserver about Dieselgate. I have followed all hearings by the special inquiry committee of the European Parliament, and wrote a range of investigative articles. You can find most of them at or see a selection below:

On-road emissions tests: How EU failed to change to the fast lane

One year on: Dieselgate keeps getting bigger

How the car industry won the EU’s trust

How carmakers were allowed to bend the law

Dieselgate shows weakness of EU federalism-lite

Car makers caught out on dodgy EU claim

Leaked memo: EU commissioner ignored car emissions warnings

Verheugen went off-script in VW cheat testimony

EU encouraged car industry to cheat, French report says

EU governments duck responsibility on dieselgate

Emissions cheats face tiny fines in some EU states


EU and 195 countries adopt Paris climate accord

For the first time in the history of mankind, the world’s countries, on Saturday evening (12 December) in Paris, committed to fighting climate change by adopting a fully global climate treaty. After two weeks of talks in a conference centre in a suburb of the French capital, French foreign minister Laurent Fabius asked the plenary session of the United Nations climate conference if it wished to adopt the Paris Agreement.

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