Dutch-language programs for Dutch expatriate children

O4NT International, a spinoff from a Dutch foundation that promotes distance learning through iPad apps, plans to offer Dutch-language programs for Dutch expatriate children.

“It can be difficult to find a good school abroad,” Juul Manders, the company founder, said in a telephone interview. To fill that gap, he plans to offer online access to Dutch course material and teachers. The aim is to keep expatriate children aligned with the Dutch curriculum, Mr Manders said, easing their re-entry to the school system when they return.

Start-up is planned for early next year. The enrollment fee has not been set yet.

Gepubliceerd op The New York Times op 1 september 2013 en in de International Herald Tribune op 2 september 2013

Tablets in Dutch Schools Usher in a New Era

EGMOND-BINNEN, The Netherlands — Some of Robin Smorenberg’s students were shooting aliens on their iPads. “Ooh, I almost died!” one of them exclaimed at De Windhoek, the only primary school in the small Dutch town of Egmond-Binnen.

But Mr. Smorenberg did not mind. He had instructed his students to download the game, Math Evolve, which is part of the curriculum and which requires players to both shoot aliens and collect numbers that add up to a certain figure.

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Students Receive Subsidized Studies in Hungary — for a Price

BUDAPEST — Daniel Szabo and Gergo Birtalan are both optimistic about their job prospects in their native Hungary, which has a low unemployment rate for college and university graduates. But the two Hungarian students are in totally different situations.

When Mr. Szabo, 24, graduates soon from law school, he will be free to go wherever in the world he wants. But Mr. Birtalan, 18, was required to sign a contract at the beginning of his first year as a sociology major because of a new rule introduced in September. As a beneficiary of the state-funded university system, he will be obliged to work for two years in Hungary for every year of his subsidized studies.

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Once Unfashionable, Noord District of Amsterdam Gains Cachet

AMSTERDAM — It took a temperature of just 7 degrees Celsius to fill the terrace of the cafe-­restaurant De Pont in northern Amsterdam. While the young crowd wore coats on this Monday afternoon in March, they still seemed happy to catch every available sun ray, sipping coffee as they watched fellow Amsterdammers cycle past.

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