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$50 million heist challenges Belgian diamond industry, Antwerp most to lose

19 Feb

Only “a few minutes”: That is all the time that thieves needed to steal an estimated $50 million worth of diamonds from Brussels Airport in Belgium.

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Boete voor ‘ethisch hacker’ Henk Krol

16 Feb


Gepubliceerd op 16 februari 2013 in NRC Handelsblad

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A royal family that believes in retirement? Dutch Queen Beatrix to abdicate

28 Jan

After more than 100 years of rule by female heads of state, the Netherlands is set to have a king on its throne once again.

Queen Beatrix announced during a pre-recorded television speech broadcast tonight that she will abdicate on April 30 and will be succeeded by her son Willem-Alexander. The crown prince will become the first king of The Netherlands in more than 100 years.

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Dutch minister to steer Eurogroup – and navigate eurocrisis

21 Jan

After over a month of rumors, Jeroen Dijsselbloem has been officially tapped as the new head of the Eurogroup, putting the Dutch finance minister into prime position to guide Europe’s navigation through the ongoing debt crisis.

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Dutch art heist ‘a nightmare for any museum director’

16 Okt

Seven highly valuable paintings by artists like Matisse and Picasso were stolen last night from the Kunsthal Rotterdam in The Netherlands in what the museum director called “a nightmare.”

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Netherlands voters reject Eurosceptic parties

13 Sep

Listen to my news report for the American radio program FSRN on the result of the Dutch elections

Finnen kiezen pro-Europese president (maar wie?)

22 Jan

De Finnen hebben voor een pro-Europese president gekozen. Wie het precies wordt, moet over twee weken blijken bij de tweede ronde, die zal gaan tussen Sauni Niinistö en Pekka Haavisto.

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